Get your health on track now with these comprehensive programs!

Get rid of SIBO/IBS for good!

Learn why….

  • SIBO/IBS is so hard to get rid of
  • Treatments are mostly temporary and the condition often returns
  • What you should be eating and not eating for recovery
  • Recovery happens with a comprehensive approach
  • Toxicity is often part of the picture and what to do about that

Why work with Tammy?

  • She suffered with IBS/SIBO for decades as well as from ulcers, heartburn, and cystitis
  • She combines a strong education in the sciences (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition) with an integrative approach
  • She can tell you not only how you can heal with food (and a few helpful supplements) but also how to have the best long-term strategy for healing 

What you get in the 6-Week SIBO/IBS program:

  • An initial 75- minute session where Tammy will gather info on your background medical history, review relevant lab work (if available), assess your food likes/dislikes and will discuss the main reasons why you are feeling the way you do and how to move forward
  • Two 45- minute follow up session in person or via telehealth/video to discuss your progress, troubleshoot any issues and lay out plan for moving forward
  • A 25-35 page comprehensive, tailored plan with immediate goals to target and reduce the symptoms of SIBO. This plan also includes a 15- day meal plan (plant-based available), nutrition guidelines and recipes.

This special program is offered as a cash-pay (not insurance reimbursable) only – reserve your place now at $100 off New Year’s Special for only $499.  Please contact Tammy for payment and scheduling.  Appointments by the hour covered by insurance are still available and can be scheduled under the “book an appointment” tab of this website. 



Recover Quickly from Pre-diabetes/insulin resistance!

Worried that you might be facing the specter of lifelong medications and a disease with multiple complications?

Did you know that there is a highly success method of getting rid of pre-diabetes and insulin resistance for good based on what you eat?

In as little as 6-weeks, you can see your blood sugars decrease, as well as hemoglobin A1c and weight (if needed). What people don’t know is that adopting a particular way of eating can work as well or better than medications.

What you get in the 6-Week Pre-diabetes – Insulin resistance Program:

  • An initial 75- minute session where Tammy will gather info on your background medical history, review relevant lab work, assess your food likes/dislikes and will discuss the main reasons why you are feeling the way you do and how to move forward
  • Two 45- minute follow up session in person or via telehealth/video to discuss your progress, troubleshoot any issues and lay out plan for moving forward
  • A 25-35 page comprehensive, tailored plan with immediate and long-term goals to target and reduce blood sugars/hemoglobin A1c. This plan also includes a 15- day meal plan (gut friendly version available) nutrition guidelines and recipes.

This amazing and effective program is available at a special New Year’s Special Price of $499 and is only offered at a cash pay basis (not insurance reimbursable). Please contact Tammy to schedule your first session and make payment.  Appointments by the hour covered by insurance are still available and can be scheduled under the “book an appointment” tab of this website 

Tammy has been so helpful in my journey to heal myself. I feel so blessed to have found her. She has helped me tackle many issues such as leaky gut/SiBO, sleep problems, low energy, brain fog, anxiety and chronic headaches to name a few. She is always on time for her phone consults and is very responsive via email in between phone appointments... I feel I have an educated "partner" to help me on my journey... If you can't tell by now, I would highly recommend Tammy's services if you are looking for someone who is kind, caring, well informed and very professional.


I chose Tammy because she backs her recommendations with solid research, and she has the educational credentials and training I can be confident in. Additionally, her exclusive focus on gut healing and digestive issues was something I was looking for in a nutritionist/dietician.

-JoAnne C.

My Dr. Could not give me the in depth information on my test results, but, Tammy could and did.  She helped me to be able to use the results to get real results through making changes in my food consumption.  So grateful!!!

-Elizabeth Stark

I had seen several nutritionists/dieticians about my SIBO and autoimmune issues before I talked with Tammy... This is the first time in MANY years that I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Tammy seemed to understand my medical concerns better than the others, and was able to fine tune her recommendations specific to ME. I have a ways to go, but at least I feel positive and hopeful for once!

-JoAnn McIntyre

I met with Tammy recently for help with multiple food sensitivities. Not only was Tammy very flexible about the time and place of our appointment, but she turned out to be a wonderful source of information and suggestions on how to deal with my leaky gut, dysbiosis and the potential link to my other problem: high cholesterol... How incredibly refreshing to find a health professional that actually looked at why it was high and what to do about it, rather than the standard, “Here’s a statin drug. Take it or you’re going to have a heart attack.” I left my appointment with a long list of suggestions and a renewed sense of optimism. Thank you Tammy!

-Carole Finnie

Tammy helped me straighten out my nutrition. I had only ever eaten according to the Standard American Diet (SAD), which included way too many grain-based carbs, processed foods, dairy products, and minimal fruit/veggies... she helped me understand which supplements were critical to healing my gut... I've lost 25 pounds and settled in at my ideal weight.

-JoAnne C.

Tammy has been incredibly helpful to me on my journey to heal my thyroid and hormonal imbalances. She is extremely knowledgable and completely up-to-date on all of the latest research regarding gut health, dysbiosis, SIBO, candida and a myriad of other health conditions. She helped me implement a clear and concise nutritional plan and I am confident that her approach will help me heal. She is also very responsive to emails and phone calls and I truly feel like I have a partner in all of this. Healing your gut is an essential part of wellness and with so much conflicting information out there, Tammy can help you figure out what's right for you. I highly recommend her and her expertise.

-Julie Smith

I found Tammy's nutritional knowledge and uplifting spirit very energizing. She met me at a delicious cafe in Portland and we had an in depth conversation about my never ending issues with food sensitivities and leaky gut issues. She understood my frustration right away and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Finding practitioners who are serious about helping improve my quality of life has been a struggle, and Tammy wrote up a nutritional plan for me promptly and efficiently. The supplements seem to be helping me. I look forward to continuing working with her!


After our first 90-minute phone conversation, and reading the plan she sent me, I knew I was in good hands. Tammy is knowledgeable and confident in her recommendations... I'm not 100% back to gut health yet, but I've seen great improvement in six months, and I believe that I'm on the correct path with Tammy.

-JoAnne C.

Working with Tammy has helped to expand our team approach in functional medicine with a very experienced and caring provider. Three things that impress me about Tammy are: Tammy has an impressive knowledge base for helping people with a wide variety of health issues, Her passion for taking a holistic and functional approach for an individual’s health care is very apparent, and her flexibility in working with people and taking an individualistic approach is quite refreshing. Tammy takes the time and effort to work with health providers and clients to come up with the best plan that helps the client start on their journey towards optimal health. As a doctor I often don’t have as much time as is needed nor the training to drill down into the specifics of a dietary plan. I don’t have to worry about that when Tammy is helping and I know my clients are in great hands.

-Dr Jeff Horacek

Tammie Russell is an awesome nutritionist, well informed and well versed. Her wide spread knowledge goes from functional medicine concepts to more traditional nutrition concepts. I highly recommend her with no exceptions.


Before working with Tammy I was overweight, had low energy and had loose bowels every day. I had struggled with hunger for the past 10 years. I have been working for 2 years with another nutritionist that helped me with my energy level but not my hunger. Following Tammy's program, I was able to lose 15 pounds (quite easily) and no longer felt hungry all the time. My bowels became regular after 2 months, yeah! Tammy advised me on what supplements would be helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner. Tammy is super passionate about helping people with gut problems. She uses current research, training as well as her personal experiences to help others heal. I would highly recommend her as a nutritionist.

-Kim D. 

I've expressed discouragement to Tammy along the way, and she always empathizes with me, but she doesn't let me quit... She is a coach in the truest sense of the word.... she balances the realities of gut healing with genuine empathy for how I'm feeling.

-JoAnne C.

For a number of years, I had been having horrible bloating, horrendous acidic, painful gas, and bouts of diarrhea. No one could figure out what the problem was until I was diagnosed with SIBO... That's when I decided to give Tammy a try. My SIBO "journey" has been fraught with twists and turns, yet Tammy would always persevere and have another option up her sleeve... through my myriad of emails listing my problems at the moment, she never made me feel like I was a nuisance, even though I'm sure I was! While I'm still on this quest to a "normal", happy gut, I am feeling so much better... and I have her knowledge and patience to thank for it!

-Diane Kelly 

Tammy is not only an amazing nutritionist, she is also a fantastic person. Having an expert on your team in your journey to health is such a comfort. I personally have struggled with health issues for almost ten years and it is Tammy who helped me discover what has been reeking havoc on my system, SIBO. Before meeting with Tammy, I knew a little bit about this condition, but through her guidance I am on my way to learning what foods and nutrients are vital to healing, what supplements are important for support, and what lifestyle choices will enhance and improve my quality of life. If you want someone who will work with you as a team and try to encourage you on your journey to health, Tammy is the solution for you.

-Kristina M.

Tammy was so good with my elderly mother. She recognized pretty quickly what was going on when my mom described her gastrointestinal problems, something that otherwise would've been an embarrassing conversation was so natural with Tammy. She wrote out an easy to follow recipe plan including a shopping list for the vitamins and supplements my mom needed. She even wrote a letter to my mom’s doctor detailing how my mother should be evaluated for SIBO. That's a great experience.

-Glen Gill

Tammy has been the missing piece in my journey to better health. I have been through two plus years of doctor & naturopathic visits, multiple lab tests, and allergy testing. I came to Tammy looking to heal from SIBO. I had tried other diets and courses of treatment, all which did not wor. From our first visit, I felt Tammy really understood my suffering and need to find a new path to healing. She is supportive, knowledgeable, and her communication is always prompt. She has great recipes too! Reach out to Tammy and let her show you a way to heal from digestive issues in a holistic, healthy, smart way.

-Amy W.