1. Begin using a female targeted probiotic formula.  Take this every day (one to two times per day).

  2. Avoid trigger foods (here) and keep your diet clean of refined, processed foods, alcohol, chocolate and overly GMO’d foods if possible (highly GMO’d foods are gluten, soy, corn, sugar and canola)

  3. Consider mineral supplementation with magnesium, zinc, and trace minerals.  Those that suffer from IC have a high risk/correlation with IBS which can mean a increased needs for minerals – especially magnesium.  Magnesium glycinate would be the best form of this mineral to take at 300-400 mg/day.

  4. Support your immune system with ester-C which tends to be better tolerated than regular ascorbic acid, and consider natural forms of vitamin C such as rose hips, camu camu and acerola berry.

  5. Repair the irritated/inflamed tissue by consuming the inner fillet of aloe juice (which can be purchased or scooped out of large, aloe leaves), cucumber juice, coconut water, demulcent teas (marshmallow and licorice root tea – if you don’t have high blood pressure) and sweet potatoes.

*Before taking a new supplement or medication, review them with your physician